December 23, 2010

Christmas time and a New Year #anonymous

Dear #anonymous,

in two days will be Christmas. Not that we worry too much about the religious significance of that day, but it seems a good time for citizens, netizens, human beings of good will to reflect, look back and, above all, look to the future.

This year has been the culmination of a trying decade - nobody can deny-. We got into this new century with the hope of the Millennium Development Goals, with the hope of eradicating extreme poverty, reducing child mortality rates, fighting disease epidemics such as AIDS, and developing a global partnership for development, environmental awareness, the end of war ... and we have met with a decade of more government control to citizens over suffocation freedom, more censorship, the rich are richer, the poor poorer. There has been a change, yes, but it was not to better. Never as now has used the fear and misinformation as a weapon of subjugation, had never been put into question in this way civil rights, human rights from last forty years. The new world order, borned of an economic crisis brought with millimetric precision, needed for his livelihood effectively limited the right to freedom of expression, to freedom of information. The old media have adapted to it so shocking. The internet is the last free frontier, and netizens have the right and the duty to defend, because it is ours, as well as citizens have the right and duty to defend their democracy to the continuing attacks and pressures that are receiving of Banks, Corporations and financial groups through their employees, Governments, because democracy belongs to citizens, and if they do not, the future for their children and grandchildren as free human beings will disappear, allowing them to become slaves...

... #anonymous has done what had to do, defending the Internet, defending our world from attacks by Governments to make clear that the Internet is owned by netizens, not Banks, Corporations and financial groups, defending freedom of expression, freedom of information, civil rights and human rights.

We also know that is not time to falter, the fight has just begun, because, as they had never been implemented at these levels of censorship and fear as a weapon, we had never been so aware of the need for that defense until the last consequences, because without freedom we are nothing, and be without it is not an option.

#anonymous will continue to fight next year, mindful of the need for change because, although a citizen is not necessarily a netizen, yes, a netizen is also a citizen, conscious of the responsibility to make that change. The Internet belongs to us as netizens, but democracies also belong to us as citizens and we must face it with the same determination we showed against Scientology, Mastercard, Amazon and others. It's not about ideology, anonymous has no ideology beyond the defense of human freedom and our right to decide.

There are no half measures.

We have a responsibility to report about Banks, Corporations, financial groups and Governments that invest in wars and weapons, invest in getting certain groups of people remain poor, which allow human beings to die from easily curable disease, that censor the information coming their citizens to remain in power. Warn them about the consequences of continuing doing, give them a small time to change, and if they do not, We declare war.

It is not a warning, it's a threat in any order.

At this point #anonymous want recall especially Liu Xiaobo and Guillermo Fariñas, prisoners of conscience, free men imprisoned for having said what they thought.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year China, Cuba, United States, European Union, Israel, Iran, North Korea, Australia, the Vatican, UAE, Saudi, Yemen, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Private Security Company Association of Iraq, GlaxoSmithKline, Wyeth, Wellcome International Group, Bayer, Cabot Inc., HC Start, #anonymous remind you that 1,596,270,108 netizens watch you, we know what you do, we know what you will do, we know how you think.

The fight has begun, and the fight will not be fair, because...

... and we are legion...

Expect us.

December 17, 2010

Want to know a secret?

A great, great job of @Bretski30, via The #Wikileaks Forums

Because none of us are as cruel as all of us

Yesterday morning a reporter from Le Monde asked me via chat if the #anonymous movement disappear if Julian #Assange could continue with his work and withdrew the Swedish ridiculous accusations about do not put condom. Not a bad question, because, to an outside observer, at this point, it seems the only #anonymous movement has existed, exists and will exist in relation to Julian #Assange and #WikiLeaks.

While it is true that Julian #Assange and #WikiLeaks have been a shock to the #anonymous movement is no less true that the movement existed long before, if we go back in time maybe since the birth of the Internet, and even before, but the network emergence led to emergence, at the time, of the #anonymous existed separately in the network that we know, over all to speak and organize ... but not that we are very organized, because we do not need it, true?

#WikiLeaks and Julian #Assange are not the only reasons for the existence of #anonymous movement, have not ever been.

All citizens around the world know that this latest global economic slump will not last, that their governments are not governing, only choose those who govern on behalf of Corporations and Financial Groups worldwide, Climate change has an easy solution, but those governments, that govern on behalf of Corporations and Financial Groups do not implement the solutions because are unprofitable, that Europeans have quality public health care and public education, while in the richest country world, the U.S., the Federal government saves billions of dollars, many of them in taxes collected by the Internal Revenue Service, in bank accounts that earn interest, and when the banks move many of these deposits in drafts of the United States Treasury, for which the government pays more than 9% interest, the government, incredibly, is paying to banks borrow their own money, citizens'money, Lest We Forget - the quality of public health care and public education is dire U.S.-, that the reason for starting a war is always the benefit of a few, and that benefit costs lives of civilians and soldiers, that civil rights, constitutional rights, human rights are being violated all over the world, by all governments, in defense of corporations and financial groups in everywhere, dictatorships, democracies alleged, Islamic republics...

Yes, it is true that Julian #Assange and #WikiLeaks has served to unite and expand the #anonymous movement, but there are many reasons for the #anonymous movement continues to grow, exposing, attacking and fighting, because all citizens are #anonymous, because each connection Internet in every home, every corner of the planet is a weapon that will aim and fire.

This is just the beginning of the fight...

... and the fight cannot be fair... because we do not forgive, we do not forget, we are legion...

Oh, and do not forget ... Remember, remember the December 18

December 16, 2010

Operation Paperstorm (December 18)

December 15, 2010

Civil War

If somebody enters your house, attacks your family, steal your stuff and kicks the dog, do you have the right to defend yourself and defend your family? Yes, it is called self-defense. Is there any law that prevents you defend yourself? No. If someone catches you on the street and is intended to force you to keep a tape in the mouth and ear plugs, do you have the right to refuse? Yes, it's called right to freedom of expression and right to information. Is there any law that prevents you doing? Curiously, yes, and no one, several.

It is not about ideology, or the type of government that exists in every country, no matter whether it is a dictatorship or a supposed democracy, all governments create, blend and mend laws that cast doubt on the right to freedom of expression and information, but why? Well, in the case of dictatorships like China, Cuba or Iran, the reason is obvious, while the citizens ignore what happens around, it is easier to dictators maintain power. In the case of democracies alleged reason is ... Same! Even the excuses are the same, national security, state secrets, international relations, some people have even come to talk to endanger the 'free' nations, jeopardize the fight for democracy and freedom ...??? - Still hope that someone will explain how they fight for democracy and freedom stealing to the citizens, and we are waiting... sat-.

The question is not do so, because we all know they do, obviously, you just have to read everything related to #cablegate and lawless persecution against #WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, but all this is just another symptom of other things. The continued attacks against network neutrality, ACTA, censorship of content on the network, the imposition of outdated and irrelevant concepts such as copyright on the Internet, calling into question the exchange of files and information between the netizens... the question is whether we have or not have the right to defend ourselves, if we have the right not to get a plaster on our mouth and earplugs, if we have the right to defend ourselves from those who want to cover our mouths and plug our ears. And the answer is yes, we do.

We are at the dawn of a global civil war, a silent civil war based on ones and zeros that governments, Corporations and financial groups, that those who carry tapes and earplugs in their pocket, can not win. No matter whether arrest three activists, because instead appear thirty, and if they stop to those, thirty hundred will replace them, it will not matter because the fight will not stop ...

... and the fight cannot be fair... because we do not forgive, we do not forget, we are legion...

December 14, 2010

Operation Leakspin

"Remember, remember the fifth of november"

You can find all information about Operation Leakspin here... before be censored, of course.

We fight, and the fight cannot be fair... because we do not forgive, we do not forget, we are legion...

December 13, 2010


When a paramilitary organization raided a communist bookshop in Oklahoma, in 1940, took the publications, they said "inciting violence", and publicly burned in the city stadium. Among these publications was the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

Times have changed...

Now the paramilitaries do not burn books on the stadiums of the cities, now make laws that will close websites, not because they belong to pedophiles, or incite anorexia because of our children, or because they do advocacy of Nazism - the largest concentration of sites pedophile network is Windows Live, and we have not seen any bill or notice to Microsoft on the closure of the service, anywhere in the world, no country-, close websites, pursuing authors and opinions because endanger corporations like Microsoft, banks that finance these corporations and financial lobbyists who take benefits of these pedophile websites putting their ads on them.

WikiLeaks is only a symptom of what happens, a symptom of what they want, such as those paramilitaries in 1940, we read what they want to read, we know what they want us to know, to be like they want to be, and if anything encourages what they call "violence" then burn websites at the city stadium.

Nonsense like this demonstrate how freedom of information is in danger. A risk driven even by the traditional media, they see how people start to opt for different ways to learn that these companies claim, but freedom of information is beyond governments, corporations and financial lobbies in whose hands are the vast majority of those traditional media. Because, make no mistake, the big question that has raised the #cablegate is how it is possible that traditional media have not been able to in 50 years to disclose information to WikiLeaks exposed to light, and the answer can not be other than those who pay for ads in the media were not interested.

The right to freedom of information is not negotiable, must be automatic, unquestionable and binding, can not be under the disquición of other interests, because the right to freedom of information is the basis of the human right to decide for himself, and the ability of human decision can not be qualified, biased or misguided, and we strive to do so.

"Propaganda is to democracy what the bludgeon is to the totalitarian state"

Noam Chomsky: The control of the media.

We fight, and the fight cannot be fair... because we do not forgive, we do not forget, we are legion...

December 10, 2010

Once upon a time... but times change

There was a time when humans had to opt for bloody revolutions to get a little more freedom, better living conditions or simply have a right to live as they wished. We have achieved much in a short time, very few generations, however, we also realize how fragile the achievements, how precarious is the balance that keeps it alive, how easy it would lose everything and go back to those days in which humans had no right to decide for himself.

The right to choose depends entirely on the freedom of information, does not depend on press freedom, because governments, large enterprises, financial lobbies have very quickly learned how to limit that right, and get this right becomes a weapon with which to manipulate through the traditional media, rather than a right that allows us all to discern what to decide.

Traditionally, governments, corporations, financial pressure groups have used censorship, closure of media, persecution, social exclusion and even jail. Now all that has changed, and changed because there is Internet, but remember that the Internet exists in spite of governments, not because of them. We know that the Internet has no boundaries, and it's not like governments, corporations and financial lobbies.

The massive attempts to limit Internet, to put gates to the sea, not only by dictatorships; China, Cuba or Iran, also by our supposed democracies through laws that violate network neutrality, the right to information, the cyber citizens freedom, is just as varied attempts to prevent a new type of revolution, the citizen's revolution, the anonymous revolution.

They believe we do not know, but we do not need governments, because their laws want to drown us, take away our freedom, to limit our world, they do not represent us, represent the major business and financial lobbies. The companies believe we need them, but do not need money, money does not exist here, we just need an internet connection and we all in our screen. The financial lobbyists believe we do not know who they are, who they call by telephone, with whom they sleep, what they buy, they sell ... but we know it. Democracy is our, the world is our, and we will not give away.

Once upon a time when humans were forced to opt for bloody revolutions to demand their rights. Today it is not necessary. We all know that the demonstrations on the streets of cities are useless, we have seen in Greece where governments, corporations and financial lobbies are rehearsing the robbery of the public that we will soon spread throughout the world if we do nothing about it. Today's demonstrations are not necessary. We now know that they living in our world, the network, and we fight and will fight on the network.

And the fight is not be fair... because we do not forgive, we do not forget, we are legion...

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