December 15, 2010

Civil War

If somebody enters your house, attacks your family, steal your stuff and kicks the dog, do you have the right to defend yourself and defend your family? Yes, it is called self-defense. Is there any law that prevents you defend yourself? No. If someone catches you on the street and is intended to force you to keep a tape in the mouth and ear plugs, do you have the right to refuse? Yes, it's called right to freedom of expression and right to information. Is there any law that prevents you doing? Curiously, yes, and no one, several.

It is not about ideology, or the type of government that exists in every country, no matter whether it is a dictatorship or a supposed democracy, all governments create, blend and mend laws that cast doubt on the right to freedom of expression and information, but why? Well, in the case of dictatorships like China, Cuba or Iran, the reason is obvious, while the citizens ignore what happens around, it is easier to dictators maintain power. In the case of democracies alleged reason is ... Same! Even the excuses are the same, national security, state secrets, international relations, some people have even come to talk to endanger the 'free' nations, jeopardize the fight for democracy and freedom ...??? - Still hope that someone will explain how they fight for democracy and freedom stealing to the citizens, and we are waiting... sat-.

The question is not do so, because we all know they do, obviously, you just have to read everything related to #cablegate and lawless persecution against #WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, but all this is just another symptom of other things. The continued attacks against network neutrality, ACTA, censorship of content on the network, the imposition of outdated and irrelevant concepts such as copyright on the Internet, calling into question the exchange of files and information between the netizens... the question is whether we have or not have the right to defend ourselves, if we have the right not to get a plaster on our mouth and earplugs, if we have the right to defend ourselves from those who want to cover our mouths and plug our ears. And the answer is yes, we do.

We are at the dawn of a global civil war, a silent civil war based on ones and zeros that governments, Corporations and financial groups, that those who carry tapes and earplugs in their pocket, can not win. No matter whether arrest three activists, because instead appear thirty, and if they stop to those, thirty hundred will replace them, it will not matter because the fight will not stop ...

... and the fight cannot be fair... because we do not forgive, we do not forget, we are legion...


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