December 10, 2010

Once upon a time... but times change

There was a time when humans had to opt for bloody revolutions to get a little more freedom, better living conditions or simply have a right to live as they wished. We have achieved much in a short time, very few generations, however, we also realize how fragile the achievements, how precarious is the balance that keeps it alive, how easy it would lose everything and go back to those days in which humans had no right to decide for himself.

The right to choose depends entirely on the freedom of information, does not depend on press freedom, because governments, large enterprises, financial lobbies have very quickly learned how to limit that right, and get this right becomes a weapon with which to manipulate through the traditional media, rather than a right that allows us all to discern what to decide.

Traditionally, governments, corporations, financial pressure groups have used censorship, closure of media, persecution, social exclusion and even jail. Now all that has changed, and changed because there is Internet, but remember that the Internet exists in spite of governments, not because of them. We know that the Internet has no boundaries, and it's not like governments, corporations and financial lobbies.

The massive attempts to limit Internet, to put gates to the sea, not only by dictatorships; China, Cuba or Iran, also by our supposed democracies through laws that violate network neutrality, the right to information, the cyber citizens freedom, is just as varied attempts to prevent a new type of revolution, the citizen's revolution, the anonymous revolution.

They believe we do not know, but we do not need governments, because their laws want to drown us, take away our freedom, to limit our world, they do not represent us, represent the major business and financial lobbies. The companies believe we need them, but do not need money, money does not exist here, we just need an internet connection and we all in our screen. The financial lobbyists believe we do not know who they are, who they call by telephone, with whom they sleep, what they buy, they sell ... but we know it. Democracy is our, the world is our, and we will not give away.

Once upon a time when humans were forced to opt for bloody revolutions to demand their rights. Today it is not necessary. We all know that the demonstrations on the streets of cities are useless, we have seen in Greece where governments, corporations and financial lobbies are rehearsing the robbery of the public that we will soon spread throughout the world if we do nothing about it. Today's demonstrations are not necessary. We now know that they living in our world, the network, and we fight and will fight on the network.

And the fight is not be fair... because we do not forgive, we do not forget, we are legion...


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