The real threat

The real threat: ACTA

ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is a proposal for a multilateral trade agreement very sinister aspect which negotiations in successive rounds, were carried so far with the utmost secrecy. Yesterday, finally leaked chapter of ACT relating to the Internet, and indeed, it is shown that all fears were justified: this is the biggest threat to freedom of the network ever conceived, with provisions to convert to a real Internet police state, and passed by way of a multilateral trade agreement that countries will have to confirm if they will not be subject to trade sanctions.

In the leaked document displayed provisions designed to force any actor in the network or outside it, from technology providers to service providers, through hosting companies, mobile operators, universities and others. to stop the activity of everyone who believes may be engaging in violations of any intellectual property or trademarks, in what constitutes a real mixed bag which may be used against absolutely anything. It also includes sanctions against disabling anti-copy, or the spread of Internet disconnection policy for users who are accused of violations. ACTA is without doubt the greatest attempt made so far to exert control over the Internet, to perpetuate the concepts related to intellectual property and copyright before they can be redefined in light of the new socio-technological scenario, creating implementing a new standard of intellectual property beyond the existing standards. ACTA is, today, the real threat.

With ACT we can not beating about the nonsense: Create a legislative framework that can be used to cut drastically the most basic freedoms. As on previous occasions, will aim to convince the public that these are actions against piracy grids or against international organizations, but never to act against citizens. In terms of what we expected and what the leaked document reveals clearly a lie. It should talk about it, be fully informed, have very clear ideas about it, and no discordant voices: at the moment to arise, the refusal must be complete and effective, and appear as a strong lobbying governments and political representatives of each country. In my case, I had avoided talking about ACTA because he lacked completely reliable information. Today, after reading the leaked document, the label definitely inaugurated the chapter. Have your antennas enabled: you will hear about ACTA, do not hesitate. Never tried a few in such a clear and decisive cut of all freedoms.

UPDATE: First reactions to the leak have not been slow in coming. In less than twenty-four hours, the Supervisor of Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has spoken saying that intellectual property can not be placed above the fundamental rights and criticizing the secrecy of the negotiations, completely unacceptable.

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February 22, 2010

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