December 13, 2010


When a paramilitary organization raided a communist bookshop in Oklahoma, in 1940, took the publications, they said "inciting violence", and publicly burned in the city stadium. Among these publications was the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

Times have changed...

Now the paramilitaries do not burn books on the stadiums of the cities, now make laws that will close websites, not because they belong to pedophiles, or incite anorexia because of our children, or because they do advocacy of Nazism - the largest concentration of sites pedophile network is Windows Live, and we have not seen any bill or notice to Microsoft on the closure of the service, anywhere in the world, no country-, close websites, pursuing authors and opinions because endanger corporations like Microsoft, banks that finance these corporations and financial lobbyists who take benefits of these pedophile websites putting their ads on them.

WikiLeaks is only a symptom of what happens, a symptom of what they want, such as those paramilitaries in 1940, we read what they want to read, we know what they want us to know, to be like they want to be, and if anything encourages what they call "violence" then burn websites at the city stadium.

Nonsense like this demonstrate how freedom of information is in danger. A risk driven even by the traditional media, they see how people start to opt for different ways to learn that these companies claim, but freedom of information is beyond governments, corporations and financial lobbies in whose hands are the vast majority of those traditional media. Because, make no mistake, the big question that has raised the #cablegate is how it is possible that traditional media have not been able to in 50 years to disclose information to WikiLeaks exposed to light, and the answer can not be other than those who pay for ads in the media were not interested.

The right to freedom of information is not negotiable, must be automatic, unquestionable and binding, can not be under the disquición of other interests, because the right to freedom of information is the basis of the human right to decide for himself, and the ability of human decision can not be qualified, biased or misguided, and we strive to do so.

"Propaganda is to democracy what the bludgeon is to the totalitarian state"

Noam Chomsky: The control of the media.

We fight, and the fight cannot be fair... because we do not forgive, we do not forget, we are legion...


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